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About us

G-Flash is a software development company founded in 2001. For our domestic and international customers, we primarily develop custom business applications, complemented by information security, business intelligence and data warehouse as well as professional technology consulting and project management services.
Our experience enables us to meet both the technological and business requirements of the corporate and public sector:
  • processes concerning a large number of people and related communicational challenges,
  • a highly regulated environment and responsibilities,
  • strict administrative requirements and literacy.
On request, we undertake the following tasks:
  • consulting and project management,
  • status check, analysis, reports with colleagues concerned, suppliers of systems to be integrated, negotiation of requirements, business and technology consulting - integration, architectural and implementation issues - organizing and conducting necessary meetings (full project co-ordination),
  • exploring Hungarian, EU and international tendering opportunities,
  • preparing a project vision and accurate requirement documentation,
  • relying on our experienced specialists, we also provide software development, technology consulting and training,
  • we are at the disposal of our clients in various types of support - general rate - based, SLA-based, hotline, strict commitments, response times, enforcement standards and service penalties.
Our expertise, experience, domestic and foreign references and our experience in the fierce competition of the IT market enable us to do our best not only at the highest quality but also at competitive prices.

Software development

Consulting - Planning - Delivery - Implementation

Developing tailor-made solutions adjusted to your individual business needs and integrating them into your corporate environment requires a high level of professional skills. G-Flash has been working with a highly qualified team of professionals for more than a decade - since 2001 - with experience in developing custom solutions for small and large businesses meeting specific needs and implementing integration solutions. Our business analysts, who are familiar with the business processes of each area of application and the organization of our customers, provide business demand analysis meeting all expectations, which is the basis of a successful project implementation.
We work closely with our partners to shape requirements and functional specifications and follow the best development practice for the project (RUP, MSF, Agile, CI) to meet strict documenting requirements and be able to develop and test our solutions before they are delivered to the partner.
When delivering our systems, we provide our partners with all the necessary documentation and source code, thus maintaining our partner's supplier independence.
Our portfolio includes covering all aspects of the entire software development lifecycle - from design to implementation, including project management - and research and development (R&D) and innovation tasks.
With up-to-date knowledge of the industry's unavoidable players - Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Symantec, and Netgate - our team of experts are developing state-of-the-art ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions.

Information security solutions

Consulting - Planning - Delivery - Implementation

Since the foundation of our company, we have been striving to offer products of innovative technology to our customers. We are constantly expanding our product range to provide solutions that meet today's challenges.
In the implementation of our projects, it is a priority to work with manufacturers who support the entire implementation process with high quality services.


Planning - Consulting - Delivery - System Integration

Our company focuses not only on IT Security Solutions and related developments, but also continuously establishes competences that maintain the operational reliability of critical systems.
Our areas of competence are:
  • creating backup systems,
  • maintaining the security of databases,
  • developing ad-hoc VNP solutions,
  • delivery of storage systems,
  • building virtual infrastructures for cloud computing (Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, IBM Bluemix, DigitalOcean),
  • maintaining virtual, hybrid and on-premise systems,
  • delivery of servers.

Business data management and processing

Planning - Consulting - Data Modeling - Business Intelligence, BI - BIGDATA

Our solutions aim to fully serve our customer’s reporting and analytical needs. Our design solutions support the production of financial and other business plans, and the achievement of plan-fact analyses.
Our solutions are usually based on a variety of different backend systems and integrating them, they are able to process a volume of data in order of magnitude to assist decision support. Depending on your needs, our delivered solutions will provide answers to all of your business questions from the simplest Excel reporting tools to dashboards and KPIs.
Our areas of competence are:
  • development of business decision support systems, building of data warehouses (OLAP),
  • structured and unstructured data management, data transformation,
  • creating business intelligence and reporting solutions,
  • creation of management interfaces - accessible and controllable graphics from mobile devices,
  • create dashboard and KPI metrics,
  • delivering self-service and ad-hoc reporting solutions,
  • dynamic reporting,
  • integrated support for planning processes, development of planning and fact analysis reports.


Our company has over 15 years of professional experience in the following industry sectors:
  • banking and insurance sector,
  • state administration,
  • telecommunication sector,
  • energy sector,
  • retail sector.

For our partners

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G-Flash Szolgáltató Betéti Társaság, 1212 Budapest, Szabadkai utca 21.

Company info

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Company registration number: 01 06 741369


Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
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